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A new model of mental wellness, just for parents.

Parenting is hard, and we're here for it. Our mental wellness coaching model is designed to support the unique needs of parents. We're all about gently breaking old cycles and building new skills for multi-generational health & wellbeing. Because thriving is an inside job.

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Because thriving is an inside job

Saying Yes to Parent Mental Wellness

Expert-Designed Content

Get a boatload of community support along with expert health hacks and parenting wisdom. Think quick tips, paradigm-shifting workshops and laughing so hard you pee a little.

Coach-Guided Support

Raising a family was never meant to be done alone. With YES Coaching, every parent gets access to personalized mental wellness coaching.

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Parent Mental Wellness

Yes Collective experts and coaches understand the unique mental & emotional challenges parents face.

Holistic Approach

Mental wellness isn't just about thinking and feeling differently; it's also about moving, eating, and sleeping better.

Transformative Live Events

Each week in our YES Coaching program, we hold live online coaching circle sessions that bring game-changing wellness skills home

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Podcast, AMAs, and More

From top wellness experts to parent celebrities on their own wellness journey, our Yes Collective interviews will change the way you think

Yes Collective

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Mental wellness coaching for parents

Real Self-Care

Yes Collective is a new model of self-care designed to support the unique mental wellness needs of parents. We believe that real self-care, especially for parents, has to extend far beyond bubble baths and mani pedis (though we love 'em too!) to support our inner work, because thriving is an inside job.

We’re a team of therapists, credentialed health experts, and wellness coaches who are passionate about supporting parent mental wellness. We offer expert support to help you navigate the overwhelming and often lonely minefield of modern parenting. Together, we're taking on generational cycles of trauma, physical environments that keep us tired and sick, and social environments that keep us isolated and overwhelmed.

We're self-healing and cycle-breaking our way through triggers, burnout, anxiety, and exhaustion. It's kind of like having a more casual therapist who you can chat whenever plus a team of wellness experts all dedicated to supporting your generational healing and wellbeing.

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Co-Founders, The Family Thrive
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All in one: when you sign up for our parent mental wellness coaching you not only get all of our fresh, weekly Yes Collective wellness content, but you get access to all of our Yes Collective parent workshops

How Our Coaching Works

Science meets wisdom in our Thrive Pillars

We've organized our expert, parent-focused, holistic wellness information into three Thrive Pillars: Flourish (mental/emotional health), Embody (sleep, exercise, and other bodywork), and Connect (deep, loving relationships). Each pillar alone supports thriving, but together they're a powerful combination that optimally supports our health and mental wellness.


The power of breath in the midst of chaos


Every day is a ceremony

Family Thrive Podcast

The Family Thrive Podcast

Weekly conversations with top experts, designed to inspire your family’s Thrive journey.

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The therapeutic benefits of being with community

Yes Collective Community

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