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What is The Yes Collective all about?

The Yes Collective is a groundbreaking online mobile and desktop app for parents looking to live authentic, meaningful, and thriving lives for their families. We offer personal wellness coaching for parents, and publish fresh, weekly expert research and wisdom on parent and child wellness. Grab a quick takeaway that can change your day (or your life), chat with your personal wellness coach, jump into our deep-dive courses, save some healthy dinner ideas the kids will actually eat, and connect with a community of parents just like you. We’re glad you found us. We heard you’re fun.

How do you vet your experts?

Experts are vetted by our content team, led by our Cofounder and Director of Content, Justin Wilford, PhD, Director of Mental and Emotional Health, Alicia Wuth, PsyD, and Chair of the Yes Collective's Scientific Advisory Board, Colin Champ, MD. We work with experts who have professional credentials in their field, years of experience working with families, and a heart for thriving no matter what.

What’s the difference between the website and the app?

The website is our non-member, public-facing platform to tell the world about who we are, what we do, and why they should join in all the fun!

The app is our members-only platform where all the really good stuff happens. From wellness coaching for parents and fresh, daily expert articles, to live events and recordings with our expert team and expert-designed masterclasses in family wellness, the Yes Collective app is THE PLACE TO BE.


Do I need a subscription?

Only subscribers can access the Yes Collective app. But guess what? Basic subscriptions to the Yes Collective are free! We offer paid subscriptions for YES Coaching, our wellness coaching program for parents looking to thrive and show up as their best selves.

What happens if I want to cancel my subscription?

Man, we’ll miss you. But no worries, you can click here to cancel your membership to Yes Collective. But remember, the app is free and you can come back anytime. If you want to cancel your YES Coaching membership, it's just as easy. You can click here.

Yes Collective App - Notifications and Emails

How can I get fewer emails or notifications from the app?

The Yes Collective app is automatically set to send you notifications for all articles published in a Topic, Group, or Wellness Pathway you follow. You can ensure that you’ll only receive the notifications you want by going to your profile here and choosing the right settings for you.

Yes Collective App - Profile and Settings

How do I change my username?

On the Yes Collective app, you can go here to change your username and make any other changes to your profile.

Yes Collective App - Pillar Pathways

What’s a Wellness Pathway?

Everything we do in the Yes Collective is focused on bringing parents like you transformative, fresh ideas and practices that can immediately improve your family's thrive journey.

We've organized all this good stuff into Wellness Pathways to help you access only what you want and also to keep your Activity Feed nice and clean.

Each Wellness Pathway has a different focus. Our main Wellness Pathway is YES Coaching, a transformative wellness coaching program for parents. But we also have Wellness Pathways for masterclasses and our Thrive Pillars.

Our Thrive Pillars cover the four main areas of parent and family wellness practices: nutrition (Nourish), mindfulness & emotional processing (Flourish), sleep and exercise (Embody), and authentic, meaningful relationships (Connect).

Within each Wellness Pathway you'll find a load of articles, events, recordings, and masterclasses. Members can choose to join any or all of the Wellness Pathways to receive daily articles, attend events, take the masterclass, and listen and view the recordings related to the Pillars of their choice.

If I can’t complete a masterclass in a Pillar Pathway, can I save it for later?

Yes, but with one exception. All of our masterclasses are self-paced and can be completed at any time and in any way that’s right for busy parents like you. We will also sometimes run our masterclasses in groups, so you’ll have the option to stick to a schedule and share the experience with a group of parents. You'll always be able to take masterclasses solo and go at your own pace. Either way, as a member you’ll have continuous access to all masterclass content.

The one exception is YES Coaching, which works as a subscription service. So you'll have access to all the YES Coaching content as long as you're an active member. All other masterclass Wellness Pathways are a one-time purchase and members will have access to them as long as they are in the Yes Collective app.

Yes Collective App - Technical Issues

What if I have technical questions about Mighty Networks?

You can email us at info@yescollective.app or see Mighty Networks’ Help Center here.

What is Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks is an online social network platform that also builds apps for creative content companies like Yes Collective. We use Mighty Networks’ professional-level custom platform for our app and offer parents a seamless private social network experience.

I’m having trouble accessing a masterclass, what should I do?

All of our masterclasses are on the app in Wellness Pathways, accessible in the left-hand panel guide.