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Connect: Thriving Through the Teen Years

Transform your relationship with your teen by learning a set of powerful communication skills from top psychologists, researchers, and therapists. The parenting journey through adolescence doesn't have to be harrowing. It can be full of growth, discovery, and loving support for you and your teen.

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Connect: Thriving Through the Teen Years
Deep Dive Family Wellness

What you'll get


Understand the psychology behind emotional and mental changes in the teenage years


Learn transformational skills, tools, and tips to build a deep connection with your teenager


Discover how your deepest values & relationship goals can lead the way to loving connection

Masterclass details

Transform your relationship with your teen forever

Let's get real...

Parenting a teenager can feel like white water rafting. You know there are calmer waters down the river, but it can feel chaotic and unmanageable in the moment. This 10 x 10 Family Thrive workshop (10 lessons, 10 minutes each) shows you that this ride through adolescence doesn't have to be harrowing. It can be a journey of growth, discovery, and loving support for you and your child.

What is Thriving Through the Teen Years?

  • A three-week live online, self-paced, and coach-led workshop designed by The Family Thrive expert team.
  • A deep dive into proven emotional and relational approaches that heal and grow loving relationships between parents and teens.
  • A set of communication and relational practices that you can use right away to transform and nurture your most important relationships.
  • A community of like-minded parents, ready to support each other in the most important project of our lives: building deep and loving relationships with our kids.

Thrive through the teen year with our groundbreaking 10 x 10 Workshop

Our 10 x 10 workshops are designed especially for busy parents looking to thrive. Each of the 10 lessons is no more than 10 minutes long and can be listened to, watched, or read. And each one comes with a short practice exercise to hone your skills so you'll see results by the end.

The 10 lessons are spread out over 3 weeks (so, no more than 30 minutes of listening, watching, or reading per week). And you'll be paired with another parent you can text, chat in the app, or reach out however you need.

Each lesson in this 10 x 10 workshop is written and recorded by a different expert on a topic they're absolutely passionate about.

It's All About Learning Together

Our 10 x 10 workshops are built on connection. You'll have the option to be paired with another parent and given weekly prompts and practices that you'll do together on your own schedules and in ways that work for you both.

We'll also have a live, online opening group session and a closing group session. These sessions will be further opportunities to connect and support each other.  

What You'll Leave With

  • Greater self-compassion and inner peace
  • Greater clarity around your role as a parent and how it changes throughout the teen years
  • Powerful and practical communication skills that will transform the way you and your teen interact
  • Powerful and practical relationship skills that will deepen and enrich your relationship with your teen
  • A network of new parent friends to share in the journey of parenting a teenager

The Details

Start date: October 17th, 2021

Time per week: 30-90 minutes

Guides: Justin Wilford, PhD; Audra DiPadova, MA, FMCHC; Alicia Wuth, PsyD; Jena Curtis, EdD; Nadia-Torres-Eaton, PsyD; Jenny Walters, LMFT; Shelby Garay, FMCHC; Vanessa Baker, Parent Relationship Coach; Abigail Freeman, LSW